How Digital Security Helps Prevent Internet Fraud
security-How Digital Security Helps Prevent Internet Fraud

Protecting your company from fraud threats should be one of the most important tasks in the digital age. According to the Identity Theft Data Center, in 2015 alone, data breaches increased by 460%. Up to 80% of defrauded customers will churn or spend less on a company after an incident.

But the good news is that the digital age also affords us plenty of tools to prevent fraud, both internally and externally. Teleperformance put together its Global Security and Fraud Prevention solutions for companies that want to make the most of the latest in digital fraud prevention tools while training employees in the most recognized and effective security standards and certifications.

Teleperformance’s first job with every client is the Security Assessment, through which we identify and reinforce high-risk entry points like customer service channels, and set our clients up with processes, guidelines and tools to shut down fraud attempts before they occur. And when fraud does occur, the solutions we put in place for our clients help minimize the damage done and take care of the culprits.

We believe that people are at the heart of fraud-prevention measures, and Teleperformance’s anti-fraud solutions incorporate all levels of the business to build a culture of security and protect your clients’ personal data. Our Global Security and Fraud Prevention solutions are designed by a Global Security Team with the highest security certifications: the Payment Card Industry Certification (PCI) for the use of personal information in organizations that deal with credit, debit, and card transactions; the ISO 27001 certification for information security management certification; HIPAA, for protecting sensitive patient data in physical, network and process security requirements; and EU Data Protection Directive 94/46, which protects individuals in the processing of personal data. This team is at your service to detect and prevent fraud threats before they affect your business, and help you train your employees in these best practices.

We developed a proprietary tool that monitors our clients’ transactions in real-time, and generates alerts when it detects unusual behavior in data traffic and systems usage. In addition, we map and manage evidence of compliance for our clients, providing an auditing platform and reports so that they have a holistic view of their organization’s security status.

Clients also have access to the research and findings from our global C-level security council, whose purpose is to define, lead and evolve our security policies and procedures. And our Security Operations Centers are always monitoring potential security incidents, share trending reports, coordinate investigations and deliver relevant information around the world.

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