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Data Privacy Day

Over the years, the amount of time spent looking at a screen continues—not surprisingly—to increase. Market research company eMarketer reported that the American Internet user spent 5.9 hours a day looking at their smartphone in 2017, increasing from 5.6 hours in 2016. With social media and apps becoming daily companions for most of us, it is truly important to be cautious and care about the amount of information and data that we share, because every time we are online, we can become extremely vulnerable to data theft, security risks, and privacy attacks.

No one can deny how we, as a society, have reached a point where technology has become a great part of our lives. The evolution of technology continues to raise the bar as years pass, and over time, digitalization has slowly penetrated the way we view the world around us—a huge part of which is addressing the risks that can threaten our security as new technologies are being introduced every day.

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, an initiative started by the National Cyber Security Alliance. Originally observed in the United States and Canada, it served as an extension of Europe’s Data Protection Day. Its goal is to provide online privacy awareness, and increase data protection awareness. Data Privacy Day also seeks to inform users about their rights when it comes to protecting personal data, and the roles of respective national data protection agencies. Hosted by Stay Safe Online, Data Privacy Day’s integral component is “STOP. THINK. CONNECT.,” a message that they aim to spread globally. Teleperformance understands how security is the key to trust and customer loyalty, as we continue to safeguard the data of our customers. We urge everyone to take part of Data Privacy Day. Read our latest infographic to know more about this global event, and how you can stay protected.

Data Privacy Day

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