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Workspaces That Really Work

If elevating employee experience is still not in the top priorities of your company, it’s about time you pay attention. Often, companies make the mistake of focusing too much of the needs of their customers and clients, and neglect the fuel that keeps their engines going in the long run: their people.

Elevating your employee’s experience is critical in allowing productivity, a positive working environment, and better business results. After all, no one wants to work in an office that lacks proper lighting or moody equipment. Getting the basics right is critical: how can companies expect their employees or agents to exceed expectations when the right tools or equipment aren’t given? It’s a domino effect—without these, employees are unable to do their job and will find it difficult to provide an outstanding customer experience. Ignore the value of the physical workplace and you might as well witness your business goals crashing down the floor to the tune of that dysfunctional office printer’s sad whirr, much to the frustration of your disgruntled employees.

The physical workplace is an integral part of an employee’s life: this is the first thing they see, a place they occupy for the most part of their days. Only a lucky few can only call their office spaces their “second home,” and these are the employees who thrive in workplaces where well-being is part of the work culture. It can be something as simple as an open work floor that invites collaboration versus a cubicle layout that limits interactions. It can be a gym installed on company buildings, free parking spaces for bicycles, or cafeterias that offer a healthy and diverse menu. The aesthetic touches won’t hurt, too— a modern take to brighten a dull workspace can go a long way. Incorporating your company’s culture through the choice of furniture and design can truly inject energy and enthusiasm to your employees, inviting motivation.

Teleperformance in Russia understands how work-life balance is important in keeping employees happy and motivated.

Forbes once stated that the “future of work is all about the employee experience.” Taking care of your employees by providing them physical workspaces that inspire positivity, health, and safety truly matters—the motivation that it brings will always be priceless.

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