True Connections Start with Great Interactions | Teleperformance

Building the foundation for brand loyalty among customers requires extreme planning. It also requires the use of technology, and customer understanding that goes way beyond the usual “how can I help you?” that aims to inspire a smooth customer journey.

Putting customers first has always been the name of the game. This applies to every aspect customer service. From product or service promotions, making the sale, the upsell, the follow-through, the feedback, to handling issues, using a customer-centric strategy can present more opportunities. Exploring these opportunities can be jumpstarted by creating a spark of connection between you and your customers. This is the result of a great interaction, no matter how big or small.

How can a brand or business provide excellent customer service through great interactions that truly count? For one, personalization has continued to be the “wow” factor that has inspired returning customers. It’s true how people still prefer the human touch despite the wave of the digital age blending in with our daily lives, but the ability to connect with your customers through customer service agents offering empathy combined with product knowledge remains priceless.

Delighting customers through great interactions starts with boosting the morale of your people. Setting a great example can truly elevate the way employees deal with customers. If they experience it firsthand, it would only make sense how it’s easier for them to pay it forward. Taking care of your employees truly goes a long way. They would appreciate employee benefits, recognition, and engaging activities that all lead to exceptional customer service.

Finally, being proactive goes a long way in building a loyal customer base. This is where research and analytics can help bring you closer to your customers in finding out what they want or need. From here, it would be possible to take advantage of adding in a little extra for your customers. Maybe provide a free upgrade on their next call, or a social media giveaway that serves also as a grateful shout-out? The list can go on and on.

Customers would truly remember an exceptional customer experience that was started by a single interaction that elevated customer service to the next level. The opportunity to delight your customers is not too far away, once the connection is felt. Remember to make every interaction count.

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