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Transparency Inspires Ideas

Previously, we shared a snippet featuring Sarah Harmon, Chief Motivator and Country Manager for LinkedIn Iberia, taken from her presentation during the Leader Insights Forum (LIF) held in Barcelona. A highly successful gathering of today’s thought leaders with over 160 people representing over 100 brands, this year’s LIF was a success, with Harmon speaking in front of a packed audience (as well as a livestream crowd!) and covering a wide range of topics that inspired participation and interaction with both the event’s attendees and online spectators.

Today, we continue to share Harmon’s valuable insights for another round of Got a Minute?! This time around, Sarah focused on the relationship between effective communication, innovation, and great ideas, and the importance of allowing employees to ask questions and be heard.

On the topic of ideas, Harmon encouraged an open line of communication between a company and its people. “Everybody is supposed to be thinking out of the box,” said Harmon, which acted like a wake-up call for everyone to unleash their creativity. “Create a process, a channel, so that if someone has a good idea, it gets somewhere.”

Harmon then stressed the importance of feedback. “Please make sure you give an answer back to those people with ideas, as the first thing that can kill innovation and curiosity in a company is radio silence on an idea.”

On a final note, Harmon briefly listed the must-haves for companies that aim to succeed and stand out from the competition when it comes to innovation. “A clear process, clear lines of communication, transparency as much as possible,” Harmon pointed out. “Share the love and make sure that everybody has some sort of metric for productivity.”

Watch the second part of Sarah’s presentation by clicking the link below!

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