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The Work-at-Home Advantage

The changing times have prompted many companies to revise the way they do and provide business. With a focus more on employees’ well-being and comfort, the idea of working from home is no longer a stranger; in fact, the US Census reported that almost 8 million people are working from home in the United States, a definite increase from previous years.

The many benefits reaped from technology couldn’t have come at a better time—as more and more employees require the need for a healthy work-life balance, today’s digital atmosphere has outlined convenience and connectivity within reach, allowing many employees to work from their homes. Today, one only needs a computer or a laptop paired with high-speed Internet to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Picture the reduced costs as a result of infrastructure and employee-related savings, and increased productivity for companies! And imagine the stress of the daily commutes erased, greater time spent with people who matter the most, and more flexible schedules to do more from an employee’s perspective!

As a company dedicated to providing better working conditions for our employees, Teleperformance believes that working at home should not be a privilege. We aim to lead the way as the world’s largest provider of work-at-home deployment through our high-performance and cost-effective Work-at-Home solutions. At the moment, Teleperformance employs thousands of interactions experts working from home all over the world, who benefit from the same growth and development opportunities all our team members enjoy.

Our Work-at Home solutions operate in a highly secure environment, meaning less worry for our clients. Teleperformance uses innovative recruitment technology to ensure that our work-at-home teams are the right fit for our clients to deliver exceptional services. Our agents working from home enjoy specialized training through self-learning modules obtained in virtual classrooms, a dedicated work environment, encrypted data communication, and a highly secure access control. Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards (TOPS)—our proven, daily performance management process—remains at the heart of our work-at-home solutions, allowing our work-at-home teams achieve consistency, accuracy, and quality management.

Ready to take a leap? We’ll help you maximize your business results while enjoying the many perks of our work-at-home solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

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