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The Teleperformance Key: Our People

Being in the industry for over four decades, Teleperformance knows how much of our success comes from the strength of our people. As a global leader in customer experience management, we believe that it’s our people who keep us afloat, and how their passion for excellence is one of the great reasons why we remain on top for years.

As a people company, Teleperformance believes that a happy environment is an important element in keeping our employees satisfied and motivated. This is why we invest in creating spacious, harmonious, and inspiring work spaces for them to thrive in, and for them to develop their skills. In addition, our hiring process ensures that we have the RIGHT people working the RIGHT jobs, creating a positive working environment. Our Passion 4U initiatives also help our people reach their peak performance by promoting activities that benefit their overall health and nurture their well-being.

Teleperformance also encourages our people to stand out—by holding a sports fest through Sport Club to celebrating our people’s talents worldwide through our annual For Fun Festival, we want our people to feel part of a warm, global team. We work hard in engaging our people in order for them to create treasured and wonderful memories with their peers.

At Teleperformance, our people make the difference. Join us as we continue to transform our passion into excellence. Be part of a growing family—let us help you reach your own success. Contact us today!

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