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The Strategic Partner: Teleperformance in Brazil

It started in 1998: 20 years after Teleperformance was founded in France, back when we were still writing our ongoing growth story. 1998 was the year when Teleperformance continued expanding its global footprint, focusing its sights on Latin America. It was a good year to pursue our quest to become a worldwide leader in omnichannel solutions, hence, our operations in Brazil commenced.

Over time, Teleperformance in Brazil strengthened its expertise and core services. Now having 10 campuses spread in Sao Paulo and Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and fortified with 18,000 passionate employees dedicated to providing exceptional interactions, Teleperformance in Brazil continues to build its portfolio with clients from all over the world, cementing its position as the preferred strategic partner among clients in various economic sectors, mainly technology, insurance, and financial sectors.

Experience and expertise have made Teleperformance in Brazil differentiate itself in a very competitive market. Throughout the years, our operations in the country have been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, recognizing our efforts in social responsibility, people management, customer service, and technology. However, for us—perhaps the greatest honor is when our own employees recognize Teleperformance in Brazil as one of the Best Companies to Work for the ninth consecutive year—and was made evident through an award given to us by the prestigious Great Place to Work in partnership with IT Media. This recent recognition further demonstrates our commitment to our people strategy, and how maintaining a good working environment for our employees have led to happy people inspired to create the best business results. Teleperformance in Brazil promotes a workplace culture that focuses on transparency, recognition, and communication, all while remaining as one of the top service providers worldwide. As both experts in security and interactions, our operations in Brazil aim to heighten the customer experience.

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