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The Road to Quality is Paved on Great Training!

In the world of customer service, the word “quality” is a key component in evaluating the ability of a customer service team to achieve objectives, hit deliverables, and maintain overall performance. For teams offering customer support, measuring quality relies on several key performance indicators that quantify customer satisfaction through customer surveys and ratings; net promoter scores that indicate the willingness of customers to recommend your brand to others; the average time it took to handle and resolve customer issues; or a conversion rate that details a sale made as a result of a great interaction with customer service.

Achieving quality, basing it from the many factors listed above, can be a challenge. The pressure to provide exceptional service to customers gets even bigger every day, as customers become more demanding when it comes to their needs. They want quality service, and they want it quick.

Providing the right training for new employees is the foundation of customer service teams destined for success. It all starts with efficient recruiting to ensure that it’s a match between a potential employee and a client with specific needs that can be met with specific skills. The willingness to learn, to help, and be taught should be present—hiring a person with an openness to creating meaningful interactions goes a long way. Then comes the training: a tailored learning environment that prepares new employees for the task ahead. Great training incorporates the company’s values and culture into technical learning methods that teach the necessary skills for the job, creating a cohesive and an immersed experience for new employees.

Teleperformance’s onboarding and training phases are the first steps we take in ensuring that our team of interactions experts are able to provide an exceptional, high-quality customer experience. From training, nesting, graduation, to finally working in operations—these phases are designed to ensure that newly hired employees have the product, client, and tools knowledge to work effectively within customer service teams. Throughout these processes, training teams provide feedback to new employees, as well as action plans to make sure that the best practices are being implemented.

A great customer experience can either make or break your business. Providing quality service is what inspires brand loyalty; otherwise, expect customers to go elsewhere and forget about you as quickly as they heard your brand for the first time after hitting “search” on their browsers. Start paving your road to quality customer service by offering great training to your employees from the get-go to finish strong with desirable business results!

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