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The Importance of Well-Being in the Workplace

Fast-paced times require the often-challenging balancing act of shaping a career while enjoying the world outside of the workplace. While most individuals may have different set goals and priorities, there is no doubt how the sudden onslaught of today’s rushed lifestyle makes it easy for us to neglect our health, both physically and mentally, in order to win versus the pressures inevitably brought about by work.

Recognizing the value of promoting health and wellness for employees is a major step towards a better work environment. It’s a well-known fact: a happy workplace leads to happy employees, an increased morale, a higher productivity rate, and overall job satisfaction. Employee engagement also plays a big role in making a positive impact on your workforce’s well-being—by providing activities that would allow employees to shift to a “healthier” choice, employees are already taking small steps in making tiny changes that would encourage better lifestyles, healthier habits, and overall wellness that they could benefit from in the long run. These activities and events also create a sense of community, allowing employees to flourish, invite feelings of acceptance, and promote a less stressful environment.

Prioritizing and acknowledging the value of mental health is also a vital element for overall workplace well-being. Poor mental health invites stress and accounts to lost productivity due to employee absences. 1 in 10 employees surveyed by rated their current mental health as “poor” or “very poor,” with 40% of them stating that they had taken time off as a result. Companies must go beyond the free fitness activities or anti-tobacco initiatives and try to go deep: invest in providing psychological support for its employees, instill a culture based on trust and fairness, proper profiling of employees that allow them to show their strengths, and focus on growth and development programs that lets employees feel valued and improved.

By putting the spotlight on well-being and wellness, companies are allowing their employees to shine. Taking the right steps towards encouraging a healthier lifestyle for your employees, no matter how small, can indeed go a long way.

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