The Importance of Happiness in Business
The Importance of Happiness in Business

Business is “serious business.” We can all agree on that. We take our jobs very seriously, we worry about it every step of the way, and we even think of our jobs while we are not there. Maybe this is inevitable. Maybe it’s a human thing to over-think about the source of our livelihood. Here at Teleperformance we know that we might not be able to change that. But, we do believe that we can change some things around here to make this an amazing place to work. And the key for that is improving the happiness of all our people.

Actually, happiness is our main objective as a business. We want to keep everyone that works at Teleperformance happy every day, because we know that all that happiness will be transmitted to everyone related to our company: investors, shareholders, clients, final consumers and so on.

We believe that we, as a company, through our managers and directors, are responsible for spreading a corporative culture based on an equal and fair treatment of everyone working with us. But also, we must pass down a happy and positive spirit to inspire our people to get creative and offer new and better solutions for our clients every day.

It’s always better go to work in a place where you really want to be. That’s why we make a huge effort to offer our people a very nice and collaborative working environment. We do believe that collaboration and integration are key to productivity and efficiency. Our results as a company prove that’s 100% true.

Happiness, positivity and companionship are contagious. We see it every day with our clients and shareholders. It is evident that they perceive this uplifting spirit that everyone at Teleperformance has, and they are always willing to share these ways with us by treating us like lifelong friends, strategic partners, and trustworthy advisors. Lots of people, lots of businesses trust us to add value to their enterprises. You can’t find this amount of confidence placed in one company anywhere else. We really care about every one of them, we value the trust they put in Teleperformance and we treat their business as if it were ours. Luckily, our annual results show that we are on the right path.

Over all our years of experience, we have realized that what matters the most are the people. Our employees are people, our directors and managers are people, our clients are companies formed by people and our shareholders are people. They all have life goals, dreams, questions, worries, families, and so on. We have learned that the best way to connect with people is emotionally. That’s why we care so deeply about happiness as the main goal for everyone in Teleperformance to achieve. We work really hard to make it happen, from directors to juniors. We are convinced that a positive spirit is the main key to keep building a profitable, comfortable, efficient, and lively enterprise.

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