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The Blue Diamond Club

At Teleperformance, we recognize the importance of making our employees feel valued and appreciated. This is why we have established the Teleperformance Blue Diamond Club, our program that honors employees who have shown dedication and excellence in their chosen professions while remaining loyal to the Telepeformance values of Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation, and Commitment. 

The Blue Diamond Club is Teleperformance’s most exclusive employee recognition program. Employees who embody Teleperformance’s core values are recognized through an online nomination process by colleagues or superiors of employees. The nominees will then be assessed and selected by a Blue Diamond Club Committee per country. Blue Diamond Club winners are then announced, and invited to a recognition rite and dinner that will be attended by executive leadership teams.

This employee recognition program brings Teleperformance’s top performers with the company’s leaders, further inspiring our culture of open communication between senior leadership teams and employees.

Teleperformance believes in the power of recognition, and the Blue Diamond Club is our way of rewarding our employees who do exceptional work on the daily, exceed expectations, and have become committed to practicing our company values both in and out of the workplace. In the process, we are also meeting the next generation of Teleperformance leaders who are ready to go forward to learn from every interaction and take on new challenges.

To the members of the Blue Diamond Club, we remain grateful to your contributions to the success of Teleperformance. Thank you for your hard work as we continue to push for better and more meaningful interactions every day!

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