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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” These words from John F. Kennedy will continue to be applicable and be relevant in our daily lives, and as long as we keep on moving forward, the chance to learn and improve should always be taken.

Teleperformance acknowledges one of the true essences of being human—that is, having the drive and hunger to learn new things and hone skills in order to be the best versions of ourselves—through focusing on our people’s self-growth and development. Teleperformance University (TPU) continues to train our next generation of leaders, with an aim to improve the leadership abilities of our senior leaders.

TPU is an intensive, MBA-style training program that transmits culture while gathering and sharing Telepeformance’s worldwide best practices and innovative customer experience management. In our latest “Got a Minute” video, Gabriel Toscana, Teleperformance’s University Dean, tells us more about the program. “Teleperformance University is a program directed to senior-level leaders in the organization. The final purpose is to make them even better corporate leaders,” Toscana explains. As a program directed to senior-level positions, TPU is heavily focused on industry processes and the Teleperformance culture, and also designed to train senior leaders in all key subjects pertaining to managing and understanding Teleperformance’s core business. In addition, TPU also aligns senior leaders with Teleperformance’s strategic and business objectives.

Toscana also notes how Teleperformance’s clients are TPU’s final beneficiaries. “The idea is that our clients will be able to see more innovation, more performance, and more engagement from our part, and they will be able to receive better service from Teleperformance.”

Watch the full video featuring Teleperformance University below. To learn more about Teleperformance and how we can help you, contact us now!

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