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Teleperformance in Tunisia: The Right People, The Right Results

It all starts with an opportunity for a connection between a jobseeker and the right company that will become a foundation for their growth, development, and stability.

In Tunisia—where Teleperformance is a growing family of 7.000 employees—the process of attracting, hiring, and retaining the right candidates and employees has contributed to the site’s success. Committing itself to Teleperformance’s goal of becoming the personal link between employees and their successful careers, Teleperformance in Tunisia has been recognized as a Best Place to Work, and received a 2018 Aon Best Employers certification through international certification programs.

All over the world, Telepeformance knows the role of hiring the right people in order to produce the right results. For Teleperformance in Tunisia, jobseekers are abundant, receiving about 50 to 60,000 applications per year. In order to select the right candidate, Teleperformance’s in-house HR Scoring-Big Data tool developed by Praxidia profiles, selects, and assigns candidates to appropriate positions, whether they are best suited for a job opening in customer service, or a different field that better matches their skillsets.

Hiring candidates doesn’t end with them signing their names legibly above a line. Teleperformance in Tunisia recognizes that it is a continuous process of learning, development, and training that will equip employees with the proper knowledge and tools to help them do their work efficiently. The training begins with onboarding, one-week job training, meeting the managers, and a four-week advanced job training within TP Academy, a facility designed to transfer knowledge and dedicated to stimulate learning.

As a place where interactions matter, giving employees the right motivation and addressing their well-being are also important when it comes to making every interaction count. Teleperformance in Tunisia not only invests in training their employees to enrich their technical skills, the site also trains their employees to enhance their soft skills by teaching effective listening as well as empathy in order for them to provide the right solutions combined with positive interactions. Together, these two heighten the overall customer experience—our “high-tech, high-touch” approach allows for higher quality, plus a great interaction that aims to exceed expectations.

By focusing on selecting the right candidates and providing proper training and motivation in recent years, Teleperformance in Tunisia was able to divide its turnover rate in three, with its service quality and satisfaction gradually increasing in three years. Be part of this growing Teleperformance site and experience an improved level of customer experience through our people who know how to make every interaction matter. Contact Teleperformance in Tunisia now to learn more about our services!

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    Amir February 8, 2019

    Being an active member of the onboarding TELEPERFORMANCE team, i do relate to this article of yours, being also a pioneer in this firm, i can say things were not that positive and attractive in the beginning.
    Now being a true believer in good human nature, i do confirm this actual state of mind in TP Tunisia, we believe that true emotions are the best career driver, it was not the best place to work 2 years in a row by chance, fully deserved, thank you team.
    And here i’m, interacting with your post, because every interaction matters really, hope it does for some readers, join us, yes, we are the best, YES.

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    Oyeleke bibilade February 14, 2019

    I enjoyed reading this piece, it’s great to know Teleperformance fosters a happy and well trained work environment.
    TP seems like a great place to work, I know i would absolutely enjoy an opportunity work there.