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Promoting Employee Health and Safety

As a people company, Teleperformance treats the health, safety, and well-being of employees as a top priority. For many years, we continue to recognize the need to create a safe working environment and a positive atmosphere—we believe that keeping our people happy and healthy is essential, for this inspires motivation, camaraderie, and productivity among our employees.

Our Passion4U initiatives remain committed to improving our employees’ health and well-being. We aim to promote health literacy for our thousands of employees in order for them to improve their overall health, well-being, and their quality of life. To promote better health through better living, Passion4U also holds activities and campaigns that are driven globally and rolled out locally, ranging from health fairs, anti-stress initiatives, work-life balance awareness, health awareness campaigns, and fitness classes that are held from time to time in different Teleperformance sites. To encourage our employees to get moving, the Teleperformance Sport Club teaches the value of teamwork and discipline through sports, allowing our employees to play and have fun.

Creating a safe working environment for our employees is also key, which is why we consistently align our safety procedures and policies. We continuously improve our Safety Management System to assess and analyze potential risks in the workplace. Risk detection, risk reduction techniques, and risk preventive measures all play a role in ensuring safe working conditions. Furthermore, Teleperformance also provides a general health and safety training to all new hires to discuss the different roles, respective responsibilities, and evacuation procedures, as well as to provide overall awareness on health and safety. Specific training that focuses on first aid and emergency evacuations are also provided.

Teleperformance, fresh from a Social Responsibility Standard (SRS) certification from Verego for the fifth consecutive year, continues the drive to put its employees first by making employee health and safety a priority. With a structured approach that promotes the health and safety of our employees, we continuously strive to create enticing and safe working spaces to further improve the overall well-being of our people.

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