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Listen to Your Organizational Heart

The heart is central to the survival of human beings. We know the importance of a healthy heart, so we ensure its longevity. We eat healthily, exercise regularly, try to avoid stress, and ensure a well-balanced, happy life — at least this is what most of us strive for.

But what about the heart of your business?

I believe that employees are the heart of any organization, vigilantly serving as the company’s heartbeat, pumping the lifeblood of their talents and skills throughout the company. And just like the human body, if the workforce is not strong, the rest of the company will lag behind and ultimately fail.

Our People Are Our Greatest Assets

We have heard this a million times. We know that crafting a business strategy that puts employees first is the need of the hour. But how often do we prioritize this most fundamental value while strategizing our business plans? Organizations today are bottom line-focused. This may work as a short-term fix, but if longevity is your goal, keeping the heart healthy is the key. Not just lip service, but I truly believe that our employees are our greatest assets.

While reading an interesting piece on a heart transplant, I learned that a body may reject even a perfectly matched, healthy heart. This happens because the heart does not feel that it belongs in that new environment. Similarly, employees may reject a company because it is unable to fulfill their need for a sense of belonging. Employees who feel that they are an integral part of the organization align their personal goals with the organization’s growth, thereby performing better and being more productive.

Easier. Faster. Better.

There is a reason why dream organizations and the best-place-to-work companies see so much success. These organizations tend to create a positive workplace where employees are valued, diversity is nurtured, and culture is prioritized. By making our employees’ lives easier, simpler, and safer, we can raise morale, improve productivity, reduce stress, and enhance retention. Great companies treat their employees as they treat their clients and customers. By rewarding employees, making them feel important, investing in their development, and offering them world-class perks and benefits, leaders can improve the quality of their work and life.

An inclusive and positive culture needs radical humanism. If we don’t connect with our human side, we will end up feeling like aliens in organizations that are full of smart machines, but devoid of a human touch. It’s time to rethink our traditional strategy and focus on a more holistic approach that covers the physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being of our employees.

Organizations that give the most are better at getting the most out of their people — they work hard to do the right thing and they ensure that it’s well done.

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