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Life at TP: Testimonials of the Teleperformance Journey

The road towards success is often built from a passion for growth, paved by one’s desire for learning and improving, and cultivated through inspiration and hard work. For most of us, career development is one of the many coveted stops in this long journey called “life”—we put our best foot forward and make the most out of every day.

In the last four decades, Teleperformance has taken pride in being a company that helps clients improve their business strategies and business processes to achieve positive results. Behind this success, however, are our people who continue to give their best and make a difference in the workplace. #LifeatTP, spearheaded by our good friends over at Teleperformance in India, is a campaign that documents the many stories of our people who have made a positive impact and have grown with Teleperformance.

So, what’s it like working at Teleperformance? For Ruchira Sanyal, Senior Content and Digital Marketing Specialist at Teleperformance in India, working at Teleperformance means working on things she is passionate about. “I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. I am trusted, and I enjoy being able to be as creative as I can,” Ruchira shares. Sumit Bahl, Senior Vice President of Client Services at Teleperformance in India, calls Teleperformance his second home. Tiffany Miller, Vice President of Business Development at Teleperformance in the US, appreciates the fun environment Teleperformance provides that enabled her to have great memories. For Janby Teodoro, our Social Media Community Manager based at Teleperformance in the Philippines, his life at TP revolves around growth. He shares: “The immense leaning that I’ve gotten so far has changed my perspective about work and life in general.”

The road towards success treads on, and all these wonderful #LifeatTP testimonials from our people are the greatest rewards that inspire us to move forward. Thank you for sharing your passion and dedication with us. Together, our journey has become gratifying, and even more inspiring.

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