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Keep the Fire Alive: Ways to Prevent Agent Burnout

The customer service industry is home to millions of employees working every day and every night in contact centers as customer service agents, immersing themselves in high-pressure environments that need extreme focus, discipline, and an endless supply of patience in order to reach the top.

While working at a contact center has a lot of rewarding benefits, it may also be a place where emotional and physical stress are both abundant, most likely to derail a striving agent. Key performance indicators (KPIs) seem to have their glaring eye out 24/7, always on the lookout to separate the top performer from those who need improvement. Sadly, patience isn’t exactly a default characteristic injected in every individual, thus making it difficult to pacify irate, supervisor-seeking customers who won’t take “no” for an answer. The lack of workplace benefits also greatly contributes to demotivated agents wanting a quick way out. These are only a few reasons why agents lose that drive to get themselves to work every now and then, experiencing contact center “burnout.”

At Teleperformance, we continue to step up in order to find more ways to combat agent burnout. As a people company dedicated to positive and healthy interactions, we know how important it is to provide a working environment that prioritizes the happiness of its employees. Get acquainted with how we do it:

Prioritizing employees’ emotional and physical well-being: Dealing with hundreds of different customers on a daily basis is physically exhausting, and soon enough, doing it over time will take its emotional toll on agents. Through our Passion 4U initiatives, we aim to promote a higher quality of life in the workplace—we organize activities that boost morale, health, and instill that “pride in belonging” among our most valuable asset: our employees.

Realistic goals as a result of providing proper training: Sometimes, contact centers push their agents too hard in the hopes of hitting their marks and productivity numbers. To avoid this from happening, we developed Teleperformance e-Institute, a platform that ensures our agents receive proper training that prepares them for the long road ahead.

Good communication leads to career development: Stable and successful careers aren’t built on a one-way street—it takes two to tango, especially when it comes to a supervisor-agent relationship. Moving up the corporate ladder requires good communication and mutual respect, as well as a fair and a stable career plan that identifies and rewards an agent’s hard work. Our JUMP! program prepares agents for that one big step towards career development—from agents to supervisors, from supervisors to coordinators, and finally, from coordinators to managers. A program that offers both technical and behavioral training, JUMP! continues to mold future leaders, keeping our agents’ motivation alive.

Making it fun: Agents—unlike robots—have a beating heart, capable of appreciating fun when it gets thrown their way. Happy agents lead to happy customers, more productivity, and positive interactions. Teleperformance’s For Fun Festival is not afraid to let agents loose every once in a while through activities that showcase their talents outside the workplace, promote their well-being, and encourage a friendly setting among their peers.

Agent burnout may be hard to beat, but our commitment to making our people happy and content is stronger. This is Teleperformance!

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