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Happiness in the Workplace

Throughout our adult lives, our workplaces have become spaces where we spend most of our time in. For Teleperformance, this is one of the reasons why our work spaces have become an important factor in promoting employee happiness and motivation—we believe that the workplace is where our employees can reach their full potential no matter who they are, or where they come from. Happiness in the workplace, together with our employees’ good mental health and well-being, remains our key priority.

Emotional well-being is as important as good physical health. The stigma surrounding mental health in general is slowly starting to dissipate as the need to protect and improve mental health remains constant. The numbers related to mental health issues are starting to grow, with nearly 1 in every 5 adults in the US aged 18 and older reporting mental illness issues in 2016. A research study titled Added Value: Mental Health as a Workplace Asset” reported that 80% of survey respondents agreed that maintaining and protecting their mental health in the workplace is a must.

Teleperformance understands and addresses the importance of promoting our employees’ mental health. Our company culture thrives in diversity, equality, and meaningful interactions, committed to valuing our people and aiding them towards their development. By involving and listening to our employees, we empower them, and create opportunities for us to improve. Providing topnotch facilities and effective work environment help inspire motivation among employees. Program-specific benefits—especially in content moderation—are given to protect our employees and keep their mental health in check. Initiatives set by our local Citizen of the World, Citizen of the Planet, and Passion4U teams offer our employees a chance to unwind, help their communities, and have fun in the workplace while taking care of their health.

Let us all take a moment to recognize the value of raising mental health awareness and support one another through understanding, empathy, and action.

For more information about mental health, visit https://www.mentalhealth.gov/.

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