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Go Blue in November

We all want to be given a clean bill of health. This is why we put an effort in taking necessary steps to get healthier every day: we exercise, watch what we eat, immerse ourselves in a stress-free environment, or undergo routine physical examinations to ensure we’re healthy and ready to face a new day ahead.

As we do our part in taking care of ourselves for the better, we also have be in the know about the many health risks and diseases that affect the entire population regardless of race or religion. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, prostate cancer is the second most commonly occurring cancer in men, recording around 1.1 million new cases worldwide in 2012. Prostate cancer amounted to 15% of all new cases of cancer in men, with 97% of all prostate cancers diagnosed in men 50 years or older in the USA.

To spread prostate cancer awareness, “Blue November” was launched in Australia in 2003, with the campaign reaching several other countries globally.  At present, the campaign aims to inform the public about prostate cancer, and to share the importance of undergoing exams in order to lessen the risks of the cancer’s development. Because of prostate cancer’s “silent symptoms” especially in its early stages, early detection is truly key. Men aged 40 and above are encouraged to consult their doctors and schedule preventive testing. Regular testing should follow, as well as regular visits with doctors.

This November, we are joining the world in going blue for prostate cancer prevention! Sharing more knowledge and information about the disease can go a long way. Do your part by raising awareness and telling your loved ones to undergo preventive testing. Your voice can save a life!

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