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For Fun Festival: All in This Together

Every year, Teleperformance’s For Fun Festival (FFF) becomes a worldwide stage that brings our people and their loved ones together in the spirit of fun and competition.

In 2018, we celebrated a rockin’ decade of FFF. For ten years, Teleperformance has nurtured the skills of our employees beyond the halls of the workplace, and let them shine in their own ways. An annual event, FFF paves the way for our people to become stars, be it through art, music, photography, and dance. The grand winner in the global competition brought home a whopping prize of USD 6,000!

Last year, FFF attracted a total of 5,848 participants from our sites around the world. There were 1,102 participants for art, 1,465 participants for dance, 2,376 participants for music, and 995 participants for photography. The winners who shared their passion and skills came from all over the world: Ayoub Ouaddi from Morocco won the Art category, Jesus Maximilliano Nieto from Argentina won the Dance category, USA’s Colton Gibson won the Music category, and Nathan Whittaker from the UK won the Photography category.

After the success of last year’s FFF, we are definitely very excited to recognize once again the many creative talents of our people from everywhere around the world! With this year’s theme of “All in This Together,” we are looking forward to witness another round of our people bringing the house down because of their creativity and talent.

As a people company, we truly value our people’s individuality and their need to let loose and have fun. Our FFF gives us a chance for us to celebrate our people and their talents, and it also serves as a way for us to highlight our different nationalities and cultures. This year, we hope to give them a night to remember.

Watch this space for future FFF updates!

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