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Diversity, Equality, and Unity TP Women

At Teleperformance, diversity and equality glue us all together. It is a great honor to be working in a company that celebrates each and everyone’s differences; where a culture of innovation, equality, inclusion, and diversity continues to fortify our organization and empower our people. Diversity is our source of strength and progress, all tied together by a common thread: our shared humanity and empathy, ready to make a difference in order to elevate the customer experience.

One of our global initiatives, “TP Women,” is currently making strides towards highlighting the many achievements of the women of Teleperformance. With 52.5% of our workforce being women, TP Women seeks to address women’s issues in the workplace, and to help drive a positive change.

Empowerment and equal opportunities for women are TP Women’s focus. It’s an initiative that encourages a gender-sensitive management culture. It’s an initiative that aims to advance women’s opportunities in the workplace, and to celebrate the success and the milestones of women at Teleperformance.

We believe that an inclusive environment that values gender balance and equality brings organizational performance, motivation, attraction of talent, and employee engagement. TP Women is a firm supporter of our women’s progress, aiming to improve the promotion of female staff in senior positions, while remaining committed to the principles of fairness, equality, and respect. We are united in advocating for the advancement of the woman’s role in the workplace, raising awareness and education on gender, developing a network of women and men as educators and promoters of gender equality, and leading a change that would greatly go a long way.

By celebrating and respecting the many differences of our people we continue to learn and grow, allowing us to better serve our clients and their customers at every opportunity while also allowing our people to support our strategic vision of simpler, faster, and safer interactions. We at TP Women invite you to make every day an opportunity to celebrate diversity!

Experience the Teleperformance difference and be introduced to our culture that values diversity, gender equality, inclusion, and equal opportunity. Contact us today!

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