Celebrating the Women of Teleperformance
International Women's Day

Teleperformance has long recognized the important role women play in the workplace.  We live in a time when an increasing number of women are excelling in their professional careers and holding leadership positions, leading to even more opportunity for women to succeed in the workplace.

Women represent more than 50% of the global Teleperformance family.  These team members contribute continuously to our success, as their hard work, collaboration and inclusiveness have a positive impact on our company as a whole, our relationships with our clients, and our reputation.

Teleperformance is committed to gender diversity and equality in the workplace.  By offering equal opportunities regardless of gender, we create a work environment that fosters motivation and encourages all our employees to make the most of their talents.

On International Women’s Day, we salute all the hardworking and dedicated women who have contributed greatly to our success throughout the years.  Congratulations to the women of Teleperformance — your outstanding service is a major driver of our rapid growth, our strong business performance, and our overall standing as a global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience.  We celebrate your achievements and thank you for everything you do to make our company and our world a better place.


Happy International Women’s Day!


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