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Can the Whole Globe Fit into One Place?

While there are many perceived divisions in society, Teleperformance in Greece set out to show that people from diverse backgrounds can do more than coexist; they can come together to create a better world, one that not only values difference, but which harnesses the power of everyone to create a mutually beneficial environment. Teleperformance in Greece believes that it’s not only possible, but necessary to create a “globe in one place”, drawing people from all over the world to share their talents.

As one of the premiere multilingual hubs in the world, Teleperformance in Greece thrives on its diversity. To be successful, people from many countries and many backgrounds work together to deliver exceptional customer service on behalf of our clients.

In an effort to show the power and value of our diversity, Teleperformance in Greece found a group of employees who were interested in taking part in a journey of self-discovery, sharing a unique experience over the course of one week, not only engaging in cultural exchange, but doing work to make their community a better place. At the end of that week, this diverse group of employees were offered the chance learn more about their genetic heritage.

After spending a week together, getting to know one another and becoming close, the group came to understand that their differences were not as important as the moments that they shared together. Their diverse experiences not only brought joy to the group, but brought an understanding that they were each valuable contributors, which led them to a surprising group decision during their final moments together. Learn more about their week-long experience in this exciting video from Teleperformance in Greece.

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