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A Sense of Pride: Teleperformance Equality and Diversity

For some, the month of June may just be another familiar mark on the calendar—a powerful halfway reminder of how a year is gradually coming to a close, or maybe even a call for self-assessment, a time to tick off yearly goals already reached, or underline those that have yet to be achieved.

For the LGBTQIA+ community, June is something more powerful as it represents a more colorful hue: it’s that time of the year again when Pride Month is celebrated, with the aim to educate, inspire, commemorate, and recognize visibility, equality, and diversity.

With a global footprint that leaves a trail leading to a multitude of cultures, race, gender, and religion, Teleperformance wholly supports a future without discrimination. By providing opportunities regardless of gender and allowing our people to have a platform to be visible about who they are, their talents, and what they stand for, we have cultivated a strong community of believers who value respect and integrity in the workplace.

As advocates of equality, Teleperformance highlights Pride Month with an abundance of color—we invite everyone to celebrate life, find an opportunity for healing, invite a little bit of sunlight for fun and warmth, be one with our surroundings, and create safe spaces that house harmony and peace.

To all our Teleperformance LGBTQIA+ warriors, we are proud of you. To those who choose to remain in the shadows, we see you and stand behind you. At the end of the day, love still wins. Happy Pride month!

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