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The Surging Players: Chatbots

In today’s digital era where brands and companies offer customer service on-the-go for the convenience of their consumers, chat support has evolved and has become a method for customers to get in touch with brands and businesses. While Voice is still the most used and preferred channel over the years, there is no denying how technology has steered consumers towards more communication channels and options, one of which, are chatbots.

Previously, we talked about how chatbots could revolutionize customer service; today, we continue to see the growth of chatbots over the years. Compared with mobile apps, chatbots have experienced a steady development—according to Business Insider, chatbots have increased in number in 2017, tallying a 170% growth in three months compared with apps, which stayed behind with a 100% increase.

Despite the growth in numbers among chatbots, providing exceptional customer experience remains reliant on human interactions as brands and companies push towards customer satisfaction. It’s called “customer care” for a reason—because customers want the connection, the personal touch, the transparency, and personalization with every interaction. Humans continue to set the pace in this arena: operational complexity will need to go to the next level in order to keep up with increasingly complex human interactions. Customers—like technology—will continue to evolve, and with this comes their need for detailed answers to intricate queries, or solutions to challenging issues that would require highly skilled agents with specific specializations.

Digital channels continue to be available for consumers as a way to reduce customer effort, provide convenience, and to promote better customer experience. Yet human interactions continue to play an important role in customer service: it’s the entire package of empathy, technical know-how, customized and personalized experiences, and proactive customer service methods aided by analytics that remain pivotal in creating customer experiences that last.

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