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Simpler, Faster, and a Better Live Chat Experience

Every once in a while, your brand’s customer service would be in need of a boost to provide a better and more satisfying customer experience. It’s more likely that your brand is already using various social media platforms as a way for your customers to reach you faster. It’s accessible, relevant, and convenient. However, the live chat experience and chatbots aren’t offered by many companies (including renowned brands such as Paypal)—Kayako, a customer service software builder, reported that only 35% of businesses think consumers prefer live chat, a stark contrast to the 79% of consumers who actually prefer it because of its ability to offer instant responses as reported by Bold360’s Boldchat survey.  

If you are one of the companies who remain on the fence when it comes to adding a live chat experience in your social media platforms, here are a few thoughts to consider:

Live chat enhances the customer experience
Customers live for convenience. Bold360’s Boldchat survey showed that 79% of consumers prefer live chats because of the instant response they get, further explaining the many benefits of offering a live chat in your social media platforms. In addition, live chat with customer service eliminates customers being put on hold, therefore reducing a customer’s frustration. The same Bold360 survey also reported that live chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at an exceptional 92%.

Live chat is a great tool for converting the mere browser into a customer
An eMarketer survey published in 2016 reported that 38% of the survey’s respondents havemade a purchase after a live chat session. A well-utilized chat session that provides information about a product and answers a potential customer’s questions can result into a sale. By providing exceptional customer service through a live chat experience, your brand or business is choosing to be visible at the right place at the right time.

Chatbots in live chats inspire efficiency and productivity
Including a live chat experience that integrates chatbots in your social media strategy can inspire efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce costs. Using chatbots to handle simple queries creates more time for agents or representatives to handle matters that require skill and empathy, or inspire a sale. Chatbots that have the capability to handle multiple queries can positively impact productivity in an organization’s customer service.

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