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Scheduled Flexibility Through TP’s Work-at-Home Solutions

Today’s workforce landscape demands high adaptability to employees’ fast-paced lifestyles. To address this, Teleperformance continues to implement Work-at-Home solutions, giving our clients multiple options to handle seasonal volume spikes, staffing flexibility, and a differentiated workforce.

Terry Rybolt, Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home Global Deployment Managing Director, elaborates in this “Got a Minute” video: “Giving people the chance to work from home is no longer something that should be considered, it needs to be implemented,” Rybolt states. “Once again, Teleperformance is leading the way as the world’s largest provider of work-at-home global deployment. We do this using a highly secure platform, incorporating all of our operational methodologies and best-in-class practices.”

Through Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home solutions, clients and employees can expect scheduled flexibility, backed by award-winning security policies and a state-of-the-art recruitment technology. As a high performance and cost-effective solution, it provides agents specialized training through self-learning modules and virtual classrooms. Clients and employees can also enjoy the many security benefits of our solutions: noise control and a dedicated work environment, highly secure access control, and encrypted data communication and lockdown devices.

Gluing everything together is Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards (TOPS), developed to support front-line management as well as to improve performance, quality, and consistency in all Teleperformance programs around the world. TOPS is a proven, detailed, and daily performance management process to ensure uniformity and quality management.

Combining industry-leading methodologies with our team of interactions experts from all over the globe who are part of our Work-at-Home solutions, results have been dramatic, constantly bringing improved employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and client satisfaction.

To learn more about our Work-at-Home solutions and how we can help your business improve your omnichannel strategies to achieve positive results, contact us today!

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    NIKSAN KUMAR February 4, 2019

    It’s really hard to bring jobs at someone’s door steps. Teleperformance is doing commendable job . Not only customers but the company cares about its employees as well.i was really looking forward to offer my wish to join as an employee and play a key role for the company. This flexibility brings efficiency in the performance of employees. A big thanks to Teleperformance and its team for letting us know about this module of work .