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Robotics Process Automation and the Supply Chain

The term “supply chain” alone can be pictured as never-ending units that are involved in the production and distribution of a commodity, linked together by a common goal: to be able to fulfill the demands of customers in the most efficient and productive manner possible. To achieve this ultimate goal, supply chain management has become more effective in designating specific functions to entities while still operating on standard procedures to keep the supply chain moving and running consistently.

Today, organizations are beginning to explore how automation can target challenging key areas in supply chain management. Such organizations are keen on getting solutions that can result in a fully functional operational design, a stable and efficient delivery model, and successful implementation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key player in the supply chain scene—it has been stated that by 2019, 72% of companies are expected to be using RPA to minimize cost, reduce transaction times, increase productivity, and improve levels of compliance. Nowadays, RPA implementation in supply chain management has led to an automated process in the areas of vendor selection and procurement. With RPA, it has been shown how cycle times can be improved by 25% to 50%, and processing time by 15% to 45%.

Teleperformance’s Digital Business Integrated Services works with clients to understand how to adapt to today’s disruptive digital innovations, including how to address the growing need for automation. Identifying the right process for automation is the first step towards a successful RPA implementation. What follows is tailoring that process to make it more efficient, and then eliminating barriers that delay the process from running smoothly. By doing these steps, organizations can see where the early stages of deficits happen, and be aided on how to lessen the risk to prevent them from happening again.

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