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Omnichannel Retail: A Cohesive User Experience

Seamless shopping has been the trend in retail, as more and more customers prefer the convenience of both digital and in-store platforms to purchase items and services. The benefits of using an omnichannel strategy in enhancing the customer experience have proved mighty: speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, as well as many opportunities to achieve brand loyalty among consumers.

The numbers don’t lie—according to Big Commerce’s 2018 Omnichannel Report, 87% of all consumer spending in the United States still happens offline, despite major companies leaning towards digitization. In detail, the report also showed that age makes a big difference—Gen Z shops up to thrice the amount on social channels than the average consumer, with a preference for both Instagram and Snapchat, while Gen X prefers Facebook.

Decisions concerning why consumers buy from a brand’s website is rather obvious: 8% of Gen Z shoppers said that they liked speed, 24% reported they liked convenience, and more than 50% said that they preferred the prices websites offer versus physical stores. Millennials’ reasons were similar, with a focus on having a more personalized online experience. Gen X favors online shopping because of a specific brand’s reputation, as well as convenience. Baby Boomers and Gen X are keen on buying in-store, with 45.44% and 40% of consumers preferring to purchase goods and services in brick-and-mortar shops.

In order to create a cohesive user experience for retail consumers, brands and businesses must combine the best of both physical and online stores to improve customer experience. How? The report states these steps: obtain data, prioritize user experience and customer experience, reap the benefits of automation, open several channels to include user devices, and make technology a friend.

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