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Why an Omnichannel Customer Experience Matters For Your Bottom Line

Technology has changed the way we communicate. Mobile devices and social media help us stay in touch whenever and wherever we want. For businesses, this revolution has presented a particular challenge. Now, customers choose how they want to interact with brands and companies. They can select not only the form of communication, but the time and place. This reality has altered the traditional customer experience, making it nonlinear. More companies are looking toward an omnichannel solution to meet this challenge.

An omnichannel strategy is a coordinated operating model where all of a given company’s channels are aligned, offering customers a consistent way of doing business. The relationship between consumers and businesses must be based on an omnichannel customer experience strategy to increase satisfaction and loyalty. The right strategy requires a partner with the experience,
qualified people, methodologies, security and technological savvy to help implement an exceptional omnichannel experience for your customers. In 2016, the CX Lab undertook thousands of interviews with end-consumers across several countries and verticals.

The results of the survey show clearly that customer experience has a strong impact on loyalty. It further shows that implementing an omnichannel customer experience can make a tremendous difference in terms of success. Lastly — and perhaps most importantly for brands that are considering devising and implementing an omnichannel strategy — is that according to the CX Lab, the more channels a customer uses, the more likely that customer is to recommend a brand. An omnichannel customer experience is not just about keeping up with the latest trends. An
omnichannel experience is about building advocacy and loyalty among customers, which can improve your bottom line. According to the CX Lab, nearly two-thirds of respondents contacted brands’ customer service channels at least once in the past year. With such a significant proportion of customers potentially interacting with a brand outside of the purchase process, it is undoubtedly important to ensure that their experience is exceptional.

For example, the Global CX survey finds that customer service is an extremely important factor in terms of loyalty. Customers who said that they had a positive customer service experience were 14 percent more likely to remain loyal than customers who did not contact customer service. However, customers who had a negative customer service experience were 26 percent less likely to remain loyal than customers who did not contact customer service. Thus, to give customers the experience they desire is to improve results.

Why an Omnichannel Customer Experience Matters For Your Bottom Line
The survey clearly shows that the higher the number of channels used, the more willing customers are to recommend the brand.

Teleperformance Can Help Deliver an Omnichannel Customer Experience Strategy

Having an outstanding customer experience is key to improving your business results. When customers have access to your company through different channels, it is critical not only to deliver the best customer experience possible, but also to provide the same excellence across all channels in a seamless way. Great strategies require intelligence. Our CX Lab is a research center that analyzes both customer behavior and preferences across channels.

To better understand the end-customer perspective, we developed an annual global survey to measure customer perception across different sectors and markets. This type of intelligence combined with our security protocols, technology, and channel expertise allows us to recommend better strategies to improve the omnichannel customer experience. We also have analytical solutions to help companies identify the impact that satisfaction scores have by segment, generation, and channel, in order to recommend specific actions and prioritize efforts to assure quality and consistency. This helps companies achieve better overall results in both customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

At Teleperformance, we have the experience to increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs by using our products, methodologies, and tools. Due to our large footprint, we have the capability to deliver omnichannel programs across many different locations: domestic, nearshore, offshore, and through our multilingual hubs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your bottom line.

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