Consider looking around briefly, and you’ll see it everywhere—people focused on their smartphones, communicating through their thumbs. The digital transformation indeed has landed, and from a customer service perspective, this creates a spacious opportunity for businesses to improve the way they manage customer interactions and relationships.

One of the positive effects of this transformation is the ability of businesses to communicate with their customers anytime, anywhere. The emergence of digital channels has allowed customer service to be within reach through a smartphone’s mobile app, enabling opportunities for businesses and brands to conveniently serve their customers better at their own pace. One key player in this emerging digital movement are chatbots, a continuously growing option among customers who want to interact with their brands’ customer service. There are currently 100,000 chatbots on Messenger alone serving 200 countries¹—a not-so-surprising statistic, considering the 30% increase among the number of customers who use chat to interact with brands since 2015².

While consumer preference for digital channels continues to rise, it’s imperative to note how businesses should also continue boosting customer interactions conducted through traditional channels, such as voice. Finding the balance between traditional and digital customer service channels plays an important role in managing customer relationships, and when done right, can lead to positive customer experiences and improved customer reach.

Teleperformance’s Automation solutions can help your business move forward and find the right balance as both businesses and consumers adapt to the digital transformation. Read our latest infographic to learn more:

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