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It Takes Two: Automation and the Human Touch

In recent years, customers have learned to quickly blend in the hustle and bustle of fast-paced living in today’s digital age. Brands offering goods and services aren’t left behind, always keeping pace, knowing fully well that it’s a matter of adapting in order to survive. These days, it’s a matter of utilizing technology, or get left behind.

The customer service industry continues to find more ways to make every interaction as seamless as possible. While the voice channel remains the most used and preferred channel to contact customer service, the steady rise of AI, chatbots, and self-service has made the customers’ buying behavior increasingly intricate, propelling companies to find the right balance between digital and human interactions. It has become critical to know the importance of prioritizing the customer’s convenience, fast and reliable service, personalization, and the use of technology to their advantage.

Teleperformance recently discussed the value of maintaining the art of human connections while using automation in a recent sponsored article published by “Keeping the Human Element in Customer Service While Using AI and Chatbots” introduces our omnichannel solutions to clients who are looking to combine the power of technology with the human touch. The piece also explores the many benefits of the TP Bot, and how our team of 223,000 interaction experts continue to put the personal touch in customer service, always standing by to handle complex customer queries and issues.

It takes two to make a thing go right, indeed—and when automation is properly integrated with skilled human agents who value integrity and empathy, elevating the customer experience can now be within reach.

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