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In-Store and Online: Finding the Balance

Thinking about embracing the idea of going all-digital for your retail brand or business? We think it’s time to pause for a while to gather second thoughts.

While digital channels have changed the way retailers do business in an age where the Internet reigns supreme, no one can simply ignore this important statistic taken from a recent First Insight Report: 71% of surveyed shoppers spent 50 dollars or more when shopping in a traditional physical store.

Physical stores can accommodate shoppers who prefer an “experience,” meaning satisfying customers who require seeing, fitting or testing, and touching the products first before making a major purchase. A customer’s senses and emotions play an important role in the retail industry—most customers crave the satisfaction of being personally helped by retailers in shops as opposed to online shopping. On the other hand, no one can deny the power of being online: just one click and an item can be bought without having to leave the house. The convenience, privacy, and availability that online shopping will never be unattractive—eCommerce retail sales continue to grow every year, forecasted to hit 4.9 trillion USD by 2021.

The true challenge now lies in a company’s ability to strike a balance between online and in-store shopping, which can be accomplished using a seamless omnichannel strategy across multiple channels. The ability for your customers to browse online using a smartphone, laptop, computer, or a mobile app, and then finally visit a physical store to complete the purchase without any inconvenience plus added rewards makes an intelligent system that benefits both customers and businesses. Using an omnichannel retail setup, customers are able to use and interact with several multiple channels at the same time, with their information and shared data being “remembered” by retailers. It links the customer journey altogether: technology to incorporate all data and sales functions presented with convenience in multiple digital channels, in-store services that provide the still-appreciated human touch, an integrated order management system that offers customers increased flexibility, and the opportunity to translate data to know what the customer wants, which can lead to an even greater sale.

Teleperformance can help your business find the right balance in the competitive world of retail. Contact us today to learn more about our omnichannel solutions!

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