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Human-Assisted AI in a Hyper-connected Era

As the digital world continues to rely on technology to enhance the way of life, more and more people expect to receive and experience connectivity, consistency, and convenience. In our current atmosphere where speed and accuracy come at the expense of establishing personal connections, the need for a humanized approach has become greater—the more we connect, the better the customer experience.

Speed and accuracy are only two benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Today, companies and brands turn to RPA to reduce repetitive and tedious tasks in order for their employees to focus more on “higher-value” work. Using automation, machine learning, algorithms, and artificial intelligence tools, RPA aims to simplify and quicken business processes that are “rules-based” to improve productivity. While a full implementation of RPA can bring forth an increase in efficiency, one cannot deny how it still needs to be fine-tuned to ensure that its systems remain consistent and error-free. In addition, the need for personalized interactions and connection remains powerful. Moreover, there are several kinds of customer interactions that should not be fully automated. This is where human-assisted AI may come into play.

Human-assisted AI is when “human experts help AI to become more accurate, and in turn, help human experts be more productive over time.” In the customer service industry, human-assisted AI can become a key tool in improving customer loyalty and lead to an enhanced customer experience. As humans continue to develop more ways or solutions for machines to become more efficient, the need for human interactions also becomes addressed—human interactions are not just cognitive, but they can also be social and emotional—which automation and a fully implemented RPA system cannot provide nor replace.

Assisting RPA could enable humans to focus on empathy and other complex issues, with RPA improving productivity rates and response times. The human ability to empathize and personalize every interaction while utilizing the benefits of digital technology is truly important to an organization’s success—something Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services (D.I.B.S.) understands. With its digital solutions and services that range from RPA to chat support, Teleperformance D.I.B.S. combines its technologies with the human touch.

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