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Choosing the Mediterranean Experience: Teleperformance in Greece

Standing out under the glint of the Mediterranean sun is Greece, a Eurozone-member country with a population of 11.14 million, a country that features a high quality of life, and has a very high standard of living. It’s no surprise how Greece has become a dream destination, whose visitors include those in pursuit of the high life, the romance, the toasty sunlight—and it’s even less surprising how many businesses ventured into the country and chose Greece in order to get a slice of that Mediterranean experience.

Established in 1989, the Greek subsidiary was the company that introduced contact center services in the country, and fast forward to 13 years later, it became a regional HQ for South-East Europe and the Middle-East in 2002. Home to over 6,500 employees who represent 91 countries, our operations in Greece have become a multilingual destination for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, offering customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, accounts receivable management, and BPO services. Spread over four centers in Athens and one in Chania, Teleperformance in Greece carries more than 7,600 workstations in total, offering services to 140 markets in 36 languages and dialects.

Communication barriers? No problem! Teleperformance in Greece has a workforce comprising of 90% bilinguals, 28% trilinguals, and 6% quadrilinguals. They’ve got you covered—whether your industry is in automotive, travel, gaming, retail/e-retail, healthcare, insurance, telecom, consumer electronics/technology, finance, energy, or fast-moving consumer goods.

The success of Teleperformance in Greece has been cemented by our solid experience in providing tailored omnichannel solutions that have impacted the way our clients manage their customer service. As Interactions Experts, we can help you maximize your business results and elevate the customer experience in Greece. Contact us now to learn more our services!

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