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A Quick Peek Into Self-Service

The rise of the digital customer has truly made its presence known, as seen by the thousands of companies worldwide now riding the digital wave. Digitalization has introduced a new batch of customers—independent, forward-thinking, and tech-savvy, and as a result, brands and businesses are now embracing multichannel solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, social media, chatbots, virtual assistants, messaging, and self-service, in an effort to elevate the customer experience.

Unlike the voice channel, self-service channels are not the most favored method of reaching customer service among customers. However, one cannot deny their slow but steady increase in usage—time is always of the essence for today’s customers who want things fast, reliable, convenient, and efficient. Effective customer service finds a way to answer this demand through effective omnichannel solutions, and by balancing traditional human interactions with the use self-service technology that empowers the customer. Digital self-service solutions enable customers to get information on a simple query or a simple request by a simple click, helping customers save time and effort.

At the end of the day, self-service will still have its limitations, and this is where the importance of human interactions comes into play. A seamless customer experience provides connectivity between technology and human skill to the customer, and aims for a more personalized experience. Effective self-service remembers a customer’s options, and restores them to an agent if the customer’s queries become complex and require more details. This way, there is no repetition, the agent can explore more ways to be more proactive, and find more ways to personalize the experience for that human touch.

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