Why Banks Win with Click-to-Chat Customer Service
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In the US, click-to-chat is the third most-preferred channel of customer service. But only 36% of the country’s banks offer this channel of customer service. In fact, most banks have invested in other, less-popular channels like white mail and social media, unknowingly missing out on a huge opportunity to set themselves apart from other institutions. While it is impressive that almost all banks surveyed have created tablet and mobile-responsive websites, they need to take a final step to offering clients personalized assistance.

In banking, top-notch customer service is key to gain a competitive edge, whether the client is a big company or individual. Regardless of the client’s portfolio, or even age, click-to-chat is gaining popularity because of the simple fact that everyone has access to the internet.

Most people can complete all of their banking online instead of heading to a branch, which cuts operational costs while keeping customers happy. So click-to-chat is a natural extension of the digitization of banking operations, with proactive click-to-chat being the most appropriate approach.

Proactive click-to-chat analyzes customers’ behaviors on the bank’s website to anticipate what help they may need. A customer service agent will then greet the customer through a pop-up chat window and ask them if they need help with a particular transaction or service. Reactive click-to-chat waits for the customer to seek help, providing less support and personalized attention. But of the banks with click-to-chat that were surveyed in Brazil, France, the U.K. and the U.S., the U.S. was the only country with any proactive click-to-chat options, with 33% of banking institutions opting for proactive over reactive. It is never wise to make customers waste time searching for help when there is an easy way to offer it immediately.

And there are statistics that prove that click-to-chat is more effective than many other customer service options — those who were aided through click-to-chat report a 6% higher satisfaction rate than those who are assisted through other channels. What’s more, click-to-chat is more effective in solving customers’ problems — there was a 12% increase in FCR (first contact resolution) among those who were aided with click-to-chat compared to those who used other channels.

Refusing to implement click-to-chat customer service essentially ignoring customer preferences and needs. Consider a click-to-chat option for more efficient and effective customer service.

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