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The first day of the Leader Insights Forum in Dublin, Ireland has been amazing. The online reaction using the hashtag #LIFEurope was incredible – like the rush you experience when opening a can of draught Guinness and feeling the nitrogen widget explode inside! Thank you to everyone who attended today or mentioned the event online.

The opening day started with Frank Keienburg, Head of Player Experience at Supercell focusing on innovation. Frank was direct. You can’t expect your company to be innovative if you are afraid to try out new ideas.

He said: “The media has said that the Supercell team drinks Champagne when we fail. That’s not quite true – they misquoted us. We try out new ideas, new products, and new games all the time. Most of them do fail. We get together once a month and share our experiences and the entire company learns from every failure – we encourage our team to share why their project failed because we can learn from that. After we share our experiences we then drink a brand of Champagne called LEARNING.”

Frank added: “We have no managers. We have no appraisals. I don’t manage my team, my team manages their own tasks, and yet we look after the needs of more than 100 million gamers every single day in 20 different languages. ”

That’s a different approach to the average company; one that really requires trust in his team, and this was the focus for Carolyn Blunt, Managing Director at Ember Real Results.

Carolyn explained initially that the entire world is changing. The way we communicate and the way we work is evolving faster than ever before. She said: “The pace of change is increasing. Think about ecommerce as a good example, except we really don’t call it that any longer do we? It’s just online shopping. Actually, it’s just shopping. What used to be futuristic is now mundane and normal.”

Carolyn described how consumer behavior is often not reflected in the workplace. Why do we use online devices as consumers yet a corporate training program requires classrooms and hours spent listening to lectures?

Most millennial employees will quit if they feel their employer is not investing in their future so this is an important point. Carolyn explained: “Think about the demands placed on companies by customers who want a great customer experience today. They want self-service options, they want personalization, and they want digital-first systems. That’s exactly what you need to be delivering to your own employees, not just your customers.”

Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT Global Services Innovation team then talked about the trends and changes in channel use, although her first point was that the phone is still really useful.

She said: “Even millennials still use the phone. If you have a problem and you want it resolved immediately then you call. The phone still works really well for customers who want to get a problem fixed quickly and it doesn’t matter how old they are.”

Nicola also explained how self-service has become an increasingly important channel for customers – not just a way of deflecting them from contacting the company. She said: “People often go directly to YouTube or Google before calling for help, but it’s generic and impersonal. Imagine if customers could see a video that helps them resolve a problem and that video is personalized with their own details – that’s exactly what we did for one British mortgage provider. One customer even viewed his video 50 times!”

The three sessions we enjoyed today will be followed tomorrow with a focus on customers, privacy, and case studies from Praxidia and BNL-BNP Paribas Group. The first day was amazing so we have high expectations for our speakers tomorrow – look out for a preview of the individual speakers here on the blog in the morning.

If you are not in attendance, during the event we will be regularly publishing blog commentary to our “Global Blog” company page, which will re-cap the forum discussions and shorter comments featuring highlights from the speaker presentations via our Teleperformance Global Live Twitter feed. Please use the links here to follow all our social content, get involved and feel free to engage.


Photo by: Travis Wise licensed under Creative Commons

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