Welcome! What can I do for you?
Welcome! What can I do for you?

When one of your customers enters your business, he knows what he wants to purchase, which is why he has directly, specifically arrived there. But a question arises, perhaps he cannot find a product or just needs more information, and approaches a member of your sales staff. This is the beginning of what could become a happy tale, or a real horror story.

The sales team is by far one of the most important elements of your business because it is through them that you establish contact with your clients. It is also, consequently, the link to a beneficial relationship, or the abrupt end to any deal that a consumer may have with you. We are all familiar with the customer service; both good and bad.

As you take the time to train your sales staff, they will become the friendly face of your company to your customers; the task is to always leave a pleasant perception. Actually, it takes a little time and constant training to develop strategies that will help you to have a high level of customer service. However, by carrying it out, your business has much to gain. Here are some tips for you:


Once you have completed your sales team’s selection process, be sure to share the story of how you founded your company with them. Share your passion for what you do, the goals of the company, and specific dreams. Inspire them through what inspired you.


They must know they are working for a genuine company. Let them know all those characteristics that make your company unique. Being aware that the place where they work is very different from other companies will help them know the resources they have when talking to your customers about the benefits they get by purchasing products or services that your company offers.


In addition to sharing the story of your company, also instill in them the values, perspective, personality and policies of your company, so that the team becomes totally integrated with the understanding of your business.


Your sales team not only facilitates the products you offer, but also should always be well-prepared to provide solutions, alternatives, benefits and, above all, a high level of attention.


A greeting and/ or a characteristic farewell make all the difference. It’s the kind of attention that gives the audience a sense of being taken into account, being treated with respect, and of course, being more than welcome in your company.


The link with your client does not end once the transaction took place. Always make sure that your sales staff asks your clients for a way of get in touch with them, so you can keep them abreast of new products or promotions. Give them the certainty that you handle a company that knows for sure that stands, thanks to its customers and their preference and support.

We are very sure that using these techniques will be absolutely useful for you, do not forget to send us your suggestions. Thank you for reading us, and we would love to see you soon!

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