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Welcome Innovation with TIEC

“The most forward-leaning leaders are single-minded about creating company cultures that foster a true spirit of innovation.” – Lynne Doughtie, Chairman and CEO, KPMG USA

It is with great pleasure to announce Teleperformance’s latest bold step into the future: the Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center (TIEC).

Opening in Santa Clara, California, TIEC is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, a place where innovation IS the zip code. The center serves as a state-of-the-art showroom where visitors can experience the future of high-tech, high-touch customer management. Acting as a window into the world of Teleperformance, TIEC is set to present the global infrastructure of our company, and to showcase our transformative digital capabilities.

The TIEC’s aim is to help brands understand customer interactions, how customer interactions are emerging, and to formulate new ways to deliver simpler, faster, and safer interactions and service to customers.

Over the years, Teleperformance has always had one eye on the future. We have been on a constant lookout for more ways to explore and deliver new ideas to elevate the customer experience. We understand how today, customer experience has become a main promoter for innovation across the vast technology industry, as seen in practical industry applications including IoT, AR, VR, predictive analytics, RPA, and big data. All these ideas emerged from the technology sector, and yet the most important case studies where these developments are in use are in customer experience.

Part of Teleperformance’s evolution has been our constant focus on creating meaningful interactions and the human touch. We also know that the customer journey of today involves expertise in applying emerging technologies and innovation. Through TIEC, Teleperformance believes that our need to demonstrate to our own clients how innovation can redefine their relationship with their customers can now be fulfilled.

To mark TIEC’s opening ceremony, Teleperformance’s Chairman and Group CEO Daniel Julien said: “As a trusted partner to many of world’s largest tech companies and high-growth startups, we are thrilled to have a physical presence in Silicon Valley. It was a logical location for Teleperformance, not just because it is synonymous with technology and innovation, but because tech companies are early adopters and they are held to a very high standard of service by their customers. Being geographically closer allows us to be more integrated in helping these companies find the best and new ways to make their customer experiences simpler, faster, safer—all while continuing to provide them with a vast network of people globally who add the critical element of empathy into the process.”

Teleperformance is ready to welcome innovation with you. The TIEC is now open for business. We hope to see you soon!

The TIEC is Now Open!
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