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Today's Customer Interactions Require a Deeper Experience

How can brands and businesses connect better with their customers? To date, this continues to be one of the most complicated questions there is in terms of customer experience and customer loyalty, and while companies today are using social media and technology to reach out better with their customers, sometimes, it’s just a matter of simplicity. In this case—a human touch.

There’s no doubt how customers are getting smarter. They’ve learned how to make themselves heard, they know what they want, and are getting better at expressing their needs. Connecting with them means adapting to their buying behavior while ensuring that they feel cared for, heard, and most importantly, appreciated. Making each interaction count separates the good from the best, allows for more ways to reach out effectively with your customers, and sets you apart from competition. How can you deepen the customer bond? Here are a few ways:

Make it genuine and honest. The ability to sincerely care for your customers goes way beyond the usual “how may I help you today?” spiel that has become mandatory in the customer service industry. It requires a genuine effort from your end. Customers can determine if they are being seen solely as money-making machines, so going the extra mile in showing them that you really are interested in building a relationship would indeed have a lot of benefits. In addition, never stray from your company’s values and integrity—a Business2Community infographic reported how authenticity can positively impact ROI: 63% of customers buy from authentic brands over competitors that hide their true selves.

Ask questions to know what they want. Like personal relationships, sometimes the key to knowing what customers really want is simply through communication. Utilize social media to ask them questions: their activities, interests, how they found out about you, methods of purchasing, and even their favorite music or favorite social media platform. Combine these simple information with analytics and hard data, and you can have a more in-depth, intuitive look at how your customers think and buy, and what they want more from you.

Feedback is a strong pillar. Companies must understand how feedback is an important factor in creating and inspiring brand loyalty. Feedback from customers is beneficial as it inspires change, mostly for the better. Customers will refuse to remain loyal to brands if they won’t listen, or worse—won’t take the time to really listen to them—and opt to walk away, most likely towards the direction of a company that makes them feel appreciated for what they can contribute towards making a product or service improve for the better.

Make them feel involved. Build a safe online community where your customers can interact with one another, receive promotions and exclusive offers, or ask you questions. Creating a place where customers can feel involved and seen can go a long, long way in deepening the customer experience.

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