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The Rise of Digital Dynamics in Financial Services

Teleperformance continues to be a step ahead in today’s digital landscape. With our strong focus on technology, innovation, and the human touch, we see digital transformation as a vital component towards driving unparalleled penetration and effectiveness for our clients’ business in various sectors.

For the banking and financial services industry, the rise of digital dynamics has been evident, as keeping up with the latest of what technology and digitalization can offer is almost mandatory. Today, leading banks have digitized core processes to increase efficiency, specifically risk-related processes where the largest share of bank costs are typically concentrated. Automation at work can be witnessed in credit decision engines, as banks have started to capture efficiency gains in the SME and commercial banking segments through digitizing key steps in the credit processes. Our experience in the banking and financial services sector has helped shape long-term innovative capabilities for our clients. These touchpoints are especially crucial for credit card issuers because they are now the preferred way for customers to both research and apply for new credit cards, and increasingly drive overall credit card sales. This transformation across the entire credit value chain provides a compelling customer experience that is underpinned by fast, digitized processes. A large number of the consumers now shop for, originate, and service credit card accounts digitally.

As a leading digital business services provider, Teleperformance has become a trusted partner among companies and businesses who aim to go further in the digital age. For our vast efforts, we have been recognized with several wins at the 11th Annual Golden Bridge and Innovation Awards 2019. These recognitions included winning gold for “Customer Service Department of the Year” and “Customer Service Team of the Year.” We also won silver for “Outstanding Customer Service Performance of the Year.” It is especially gratifying to see the significant tangible benefits delivered for clients’ businesses:

  • AI-Powered Chatbot with 98% success rate: 2.1 mn queries from 400K customers/month, generating INR 40 mn upsell, 81% digital penetration, and 87% digital effectiveness
  • Quality Servicing @99.30% with zero repeats: enabled credit limit enhancement of INR 620 million resulting in increased spends by 18% in FY19
  • A team of over 2000 servicing 8.6 mn card holders and 9.4 mn contacts/month, and a 25% Increase in revenue

This rise of digital dynamics will go hand-in-hand with superior customer experience and interactions as the most significant game changer, ably demonstrated by Teleperformance for our clients globally.

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