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The Netherlands: Achieving Customer Satisfaction Through Exceptional Customer Service

The Netherlands continues to maintain a strong grasp on its economy that is growing year after year. In the European Union, the country’s GDP growth is projected to be greater than 2 percent in 2018, thereby setting the stage for more opportunities to come its way. As unemployment rates continue to decline, it is expected that customers in the country will continue to have greater purchasing power, and with this, it’s important to note how they have become demanding in terms of receiving exceptional customer service from their brands.

For the first time ever, Teleperformance’s Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) included the Netherlands in its Global CX Survey, having gathered responses from over 15,000 end users across 18 sectors in the country. The CX Lab’s global survey is an important tool that details customer perceptions about brands and the customer experience, and its data is truly beneficial for those who are looking to improve customer satisfaction and overall results.

Our latest white paper on the Netherlands explains how a great customer experience is vital in promoting brand loyalty and advocacy among Dutch consumers, as told by the CX Lab’s Global CX Survey. It also lists key areas of improvement that brands can utilize in an effort to improve their customers’ journey towards overall satisfaction.

In the Netherlands, providing exceptional customer service is key to customer satisfaction. Get an in-depth and a detailed analysis on how to stand out in the Dutch market, and know how to promote brand loyalty among consumers. Download our latest white paper here.


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