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The Many Benefits of Web Analytics

Welcome to the 21st century: where the days of calling an operator to look for phone numbers and addresses are truly gone, and thick phone directories are pretty much extinct. Today, people go online to seek answers for the simplest (or most complicated) questions, hungry for information. What is the first thing an individual does when looking for information about a product, service, brand, or company? The answer is the Internet, where a quick search will point curious users towards a company or brand’s website. A website is a company’s virtual ID and calling card—making it one of the earliest stops in the customer journey.

This is why web analytics is critical in understanding your website’s visitor behavior. Web analytics is the “measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” Think of it as a perfect companion piece to market research: web analytics measures and analyzes online visitor behavior in order to help you understand visitor patterns and trends, aid you in gauging web traffic, provide you with numbers that determine visitor count at specific times, days, and dates, and allow you to look into opportunities that can help you optimize your website.

Through the use of data, tools, and metrics, web analysts can provide businesses with a deeper and a more detailed outlook on how visitors browse, scroll, or spend time with your website. Web analytics can act as the bridge between you and your audience, so you can figure out what they like or don’t, what they spend time on longer or completely ignore. It’s also acts as a filter by giving you a glimpse on what works, or those that need a complete makeover. Key metrics can display your website’s trends and track small or big changes on visitor behavior, opening opportunities for improvement. In addition, web analytics can help businesses generate sales conversions and gain visitor count through analyzing detailed metrics and data.

The first step towards adapting to the changing customer is to understand how they think in order to get a feel of what they want, and how they work on getting it. Web analytics can help you make necessary improvements on your website, which can result in sales, brand awareness, and more importantly—an empowering experience for your audience.

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