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The Great Wall Experience: Teleperformance in China

For more than 10 years, Teleperformance in China has been providing services to more multinationals than any other company. Teleperformance began operations in China in 2007, bringing world-class support to the local and international market. With more than 6,000 employees, Teleperformance in China provides technical support, customer care and acquisition services for voice and non-voice channels. We provide our customers with professional (COPC Certification), systematic and omnichannel services such as call center training, outgoing call, incoming call, online chatting including support on Wechat, email and social media.

Teleperformance in China’s multilingual hub can provide services in 13 languages in dialects not only for Chinese consumers, but for multiple other Asian countries on multiple channels, including voice, mobile app, click-to-chat, WeChat™ and social media, among others. Across our six sites, located in five cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Foshan, Nanning and Kunming, Teleperformance in China serves major companies including in the consumer goods, travel and hospitality, and retail sectors.

We are extremely proud of the work that we do in China on behalf of our clients. Teleperformance in China cares about their employees and has been recognized as an exceptional employer by such prestigious firms as Aon Hewitt™. It has also been recognized for its provision of outstanding service by IAOP™ and Frost & Sullivan™.

Teleperformance in China not only works hard for its clients and provides support for employees, but also gives back to local communities. Our Social Responsibility Initiatives in China have recently been recognized with the China Charity Group Award.

The Great Wall Experience can provide exceptional service for companies from any industry. To learn more about how your company can benefit, read our new infographic.

Infographic: CES 2017

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