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The Global CX Survey Spotlight: The Netherlands

Each year, The Netherlands’ economy consistently makes its way up in the European region. Part of its wide economic presence is the country’s GDP that continues to grow, with a projection of +2 percent this 2018. With its population gaining a lot of advantage by having a stronger purchasing power and the rich amount of consumer choices that markets continue to offer, it is time to focus on how the country’s consumers perceive their brands.

As part of the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab)’s Global CX Survey, our latest infographic presents how brands are doing in the Netherlands in terms of brand overall satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and brand advocacy. It also discusses where the Netherlands stands from a global perspective and how it fares compared with the global brand advocacy average score according to the Global CX Survey. With the survey gaining responses from over 15,000 interviews across 18 sectors, our infographic can serve as a quick primer for businesses who want to explore opportunities in the Netherlands as well as companies who want to improve their current customer service in the country.

Several key takeaways from the infographic include: sectors in which respondents gave brands the highest and the lowest advocacy scores, and the top and bottom three sectors that had the highest and lowest brand overall satisfaction scores.

Are you seeking more ways on how to expand your business in the Netherlands? Let our latest infographic help your business as you explore more opportunities and improve your customer service for the better! Download our infographic on the Netherlands here:

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