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The Friction Hunters: Making a Positive Impact for Customers

During this year’s Leader Insights Forum, international keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur Steven Van Belleghem shared valuable insights that truly caught and maintained the attention of the event’s attendees.

In his talk, Steven detailed three variables that companies must focus on—they are time, energy, and money, three resources that customers have. In addition, he also introduced the concept of the “friction hunters.”

According to Steven, it is important to appoint friction hunters—people who are tasked to look at the way that you work with your customers and are listing frictions. “What kind of things that we have installed are frustrating our customers?” Van Bellegham asked the crowd. “The challenge is to create a culture where you can solve those frictions.”

For Van Belleghem, having friction hunters in your team is something that you can do on top of a mentality, and can be put into your own mindset to inspire a positive impact among customers. “If you create that mindset, then in one year’s time, the impact that you can have on customers is insane,” Van Belleghem shares.

For our latest Got a Minute? video, watch Van Belleghem elaborate on how to appoint and delegate tasks to friction hunters in your team. Find out how a simple, zero-budget mentality of incorporating friction hunters in your work culture can help you elevate customer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience. Watch our latest Got a Minute? video featuring Steven Van Belleghem by clicking here!

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