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The X Factor Subscription-Based Services

Buying behavior among consumers, like everything else, tends to change. Across many different industries, the changing times brought about the digital age, new and upcoming brands with exciting products and services, and customer perception have resulted in a massive need for innovation—a little bit of fuel to jumpstart and keep a company’s engine running.

Businesses and brands use different strategies to remain relevant and innovative. One marketing strategy that continues to revitalize stagnant markets is subscription boxes, used by subscription-based ecommerce businesses. In a nutshell, subscription boxes have been seen as “a monthly delivery of cool stuff customers like in a box.” Wikipedia further defines it as a “recurring delivery of niche products as part of a marketing strategy, and a method of product distribution.” For many subscription-based companies, the strategy has been successful, as more and more customers are getting pulled in. According to Fast Company, there had been an increase of 40% in subscription box services in the US market by the end of 2018. The rise in numbers led to a very competitive race, and with this came subscription-based companies that lagged and fell behind inevitably.

A subscription company’s potential success depends on its ability to offer a great customer experience and to use customer data and predictive analytics to perceive customer behavior in order to deliver them products they want and need at the right time. According to Teleperformance’s Tiffany Miller, there are three things subscription companies can do to achieve success in a highly competitive market:

  • Engage with the customer: Customer service should not stop after companies get customers’ names into their lists, and have them pay their monthly fees. Getting to know customers and what they like or dislike through constant communication on different platforms is key. Start and keep the conversation going; this way, you are also generating buzz, reviews, and new content.
  • Exceptional customer service prevails: Address customer issues, questions, and concerns with professionalism, knowledge, and care. The human touch in this area is important—most customers who quit a subscription because of a problem are more upset about the way their problem was handled, rather than the initial problem.
  • Analytics is a great friend: Having information on what customers bought, need, browsed, liked, or disliked offers you a great amount of advantage. Use data to personalize products, recommendations, and deals for customers. Offer upgrades based on the products and services that your customers love. The key is for you to make your customers feel like they just got a great deal, and not being harassed into a sale.

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