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The Changing Expectations of Customers in Today’s Digital Climate

The rise of social media over the last decade has been phenomenal. Popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have truly made their mark in everyday life, a life highly influenced by everything digital—with just a click, they can all serve as a way to keep everyone in touch with friends, family, and loved ones.

Social media has also become a vast avenue where brands can promote and sell their goods and services to their customers. Combine this with the evolving technology boasted by smartphones and apps, the result is the powerful consumer with high expectations—they demand attention, care, and meaningful interactions with brands.

In a world where connectivity is prioritized more than ever, customers expect easy access. Response times are expected to be shorter, almost instant, and failing to provide them with answers—even just an acknowledgment that they have been heard—can cripple a brand. Utilized properly, social media can become a tool for companies to be present and be highly accessible.

Another customer expectation brands need to exceed is the need for speed. No, not that kind of speed where burnt tires and gravel are involved of course—this is the kind of speed where response rates are of the utmost importance, because they can positively impact the customer experience. A study by Sendible Insights showed that 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes, with 42% expecting a reply or acknowledgment within an hour. This means brands must keep up with their customers’ pace—the faster the better, in order to get those responses quickly to their customers.

Finally, customers expect a personalized customer experience. Nowadays, brands must take a moment to address customers’ need for interactions that are humanized. Empathy, sincerity, and emotional intelligence are the building blocks towards connecting better with customers.

Teleperformance has recognized the value of blending technology with empathy. For over four decades, we have helped companies and brands exceed customer expectations through our methodologies, omnichannel solutions, and tools. Our technology which utilizes automation, chatbots, social media, and robotics among many others allow our processes to be accurate, accessible, efficient, and fast. More importantly, our people are at the heart of it all—by providing people-centric training that aims to develop both technical and soft skills, we continuously create meaningful interactions in order to help you connect better with customers.

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